Four simple informative video clips to help farmers. A vet and farmer discuss best practice solutions for managing ewes prelamb.

Prelamb Drenching - What are the benefits?

Dr Clive Bingham explains how, by treating your ewes prelambing, you can help achieve goals of heavier, healthier lambs.

Which treatment is the best choice for my ewes prelamb?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution at prelamb. Dr Clive Bingham walks you through the process of how to decide what is the best treatment to use on your ewes prelamb.

Cydectin LA - The benefits of longer worm control at Prelamb

The difference between short acting and long acting drenches are explained. Dr Victoria Chapman also takes you through the reasons why a long acting drench can be beneficial prelamb.

Eweguard - Ultimate Protection

Dr Victoria Chapman explains how Eweguard can help you to achieve heavier lambs, and save you time and labour.